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Pelydron "Canghenion" – Single Review

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

A wander through a weird and wacky yet wonderous dream-scape, "Canghenion" is the delightful debut single by indie fuzz-maker Pelydron (aka Birmingham-based Welsh artist Keith Jones).

Defined by repeating patterns while dreamy textures are formed from fuzz, modulation and delay effects, "Canghenion" (Welsh for "Branches") feels deliberately yet naturally different (and maybe even eccentric), while also delivering a catchy earworm or two. The track revolves around two simple arpeggiated guitar lines that create a compelling call-and-reply interaction while exploring different modal motifs against basic low-tempo electronic beats, moving through uplifting post-rock highs while paying occasional visits to freakier depths.

The sense of experimentation (and perhaps even happy accidents) is celebratory, not to mention a refreshing change from sub-3-minute pop. With the chime and reversed drone of the intro presenting the initial possibility of 9 minutes of ambience, and with only subtle development throughout the track's reprising sections, the song feels like a reflective meditation. While some of the same musical points could have been made in under 3 minutes, this might have resulted in a shallower experience (although, even the most generous of DJs might be hard pressed to fit even the 6 minute radio edit into a busy playlist of new music).

For me, a minor gripe is perhaps the song's production, as a few small things – changes in levels, certain aspects of the EQ, a DI-like coldness to the guitar tones – occasionally take me out of what is otherwise an immersing and unique experience.

While capturing the spirit of many a genre, "Canghenion" is not quite dream pop, not quite post-rock, not quite electronica, not quite drone... Perhaps not one for the impatient or hurried, Pelydron's debut single is certainly a joyous diversion, further augmenting Recordiau Cae Gwyn’s accessibly eclectic genre-crossing catalogue.

“Canghenion” is out now on Recordiau Cae Gwyn: Twitter / Facebook / Instagram / Soundcloud / Linktree

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