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VIDEO PREMIER: Omaloma "Cool ac yn Rad" - 27th August 2021

Out tomorrow (27th August) on Recordiau Cae Gwyn is the new single “Cool ac yn Rad” by Dyffryn Clwyd psych-pop prodigies Omaloma: here's an exclusive look at the mesmerising music video...

Cool ac yn Rad” (Wenglish for “Cool and Rad”) is a gently trippy intersection of psychedelic pop and mid-tempo surf rock, beautifully reflected here in the work of mixed-media artist Torri + Gludo (Cadi Dafydd Jones, Cardiff). Blending and juxtaposing beach holiday postcard cut-outs, geometric graphics, lo-fi film footage and scrolling word art, the animated collage – a relaxing trip to the seaside in a flying saucer – mirrors Omaloma’s own ability to channel classic styles into something contemporary and modern.

Distinct in sound from their ruminating 80s-synth-centred EP “Roedd”, “Cool ac yn Rad” is still distinctively Omaloma, with George Amor’s hushed delivery, a solid grooving rhythm section and the perfect level of reverb to capture that “melting in the sun” vibe. Here, however, there’s also a gentle breeze and the breaking of waves (and maybe even an ice cream) to take the edge off. The vibrato of the twanging guitars evokes everything surf rock and the cheery piano (combined with the beach motif) channels Euros Childs. With simple and subtle arrangement and development, including some satisfying call-back chorus vocals, "Cool ac yn Rad" wouldn’t sound amiss on the mainstream radio.

It's hard to tell if the cryptic simplicity of the lyrics carries any tongue-in-cheek or social commentary (knowing Omaloma's previous work) or if this is simply a tale of escaping responsibilities in a big pair of sunglasses (what starts as an announcement of an internal investigation seamlessly becomes a beach trip with The Dude) - maybe I’m over-thinking it. Maybe that’s the point - "if you're cool and rad, well then you're cool and rad".

With a UK heatwave forecast, “Cool ac yn Rad” is a well-timed and highly-recommended dose of Omaloma’s unique sun-baked trippiness while Torri + Gludo provides the perfect psychedelic scenery.

Cool ac yn Rad” is out now on Recordiau Cae Gwyn / Twitter / Facebook / Instagram

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