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Lastigband "Galaxy" – Single Review

“Galaxy” is a short and sweet instalment of engrossing lo-fi electronica from Penmachno’s Lastigband (the solo project of Gethin Davies of psych-poppers Sen Segur) – a cool and moody drive along a fluorescent stellar highway.

For such a short track (clocking in at just over 2:30), there is a few decades’ worth of sounds layered into “Galaxy”. While lo-fi (in the sense of not being particularly glossy), the production is modern and absorbing. There are some turn-of-the-millennium chillout vibes a la Röyksopp, an 80s neon sparkle to the descending synth lines, and classic 70s robot pop in the synth swells, melodies and simple-yet-effective repetition (I’m hearing Kraftwerk’s “Man Machine” in abundance) – something of its own yet bathed in a classic futuristic afterglow. While the track is much more to-the-point than some of Lastigband’s other work (check out the acid trippiness of “Gold Finger”), this seems to coincide with a slightly tighter feel to the production, the track as a whole ultimately feeling clearer in intent and delivery. The beats are basic yet tasty; the bass is robust; the synths are balanced – everything has a purpose.

However, while not a criticism of the song in itself, I can imagine “Galaxy” being slightly overlooked on its own – despite its catchy 'endless road' feel, it is over almost before you know it. While the repeat button can approximate it, I’d happily be taken on a deliberately longer journey with a fuller length EP or album in this vein. With that said, the brief beat-less interludes do provide some interestingly disconcerting detours from an otherwise cool and cruise-controlled ride. Ultimately, the track is a concise statement of what Lastigband can deliver and it’s certainly good to be left wanting more...

In sum, Lastigband's “Galaxy” is a solid track and I’m certainly a fan. With the recent launch of dedicated labels such as Afanc, and the emergence of diverse independent acts across the country (Shreddies, Dead Method and Goodparley to name a few on the Cardiff scene alone), “Galaxy” is a welcome and bar-setting contribution to the growing Welsh electronic scene.

“Galaxy” is out now on Recordiau Cae Gwyn: Twitter / Facebook / Instagram / Soundcloud / Linktree

Follow Lastigband: Facebook / Spotify / Instagram / Twitter / Soundcloud



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