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Dead Method "Dance with the Devil" Single Review - Review Parade - 5th June 2021

“Dance with the Devil”, the latest single by Cardiff’s Dead Method (aka Lloyd Best), is a dark and brooding synth pop rejection of religious anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric.

Initially evolving from an intriguing soundscape by the incremental introduction of a clanking triggered bass line and a solid subtly-developing dance beat (harking back to early 2000s and even 90s pop), “Dance with the Devil” possesses an industrial intensity and weight. Carrying some of the minimalist menace of Depeche Mode’s “Violator” but with the density dialled-up, the production by long-term collaborator Minas is excellent, keeping a controlled low-end while lead synth lines thread behind the vocals. While it may be over-produced for some, it’s a dead cert for anyone desiring a gothic twist to their Gaga-esque art pop.

Best’s distortion-lined vocals are presented front and centre atop swells of reverb and delay, moving between strength and strain. Delivering soulful bends, expressive flourishes and gentle breaks, this is an emotive and intelligent vocalist. With pitch-shifted backing vocals adding a demonic subtlety to an almost sultry delivery, the chorus melody is an instant hook.

Showing Dead Method’s potential and prowess, not just as an artist but as an icon, the track is lyrically provocative, but not without provocation. As a personal response to the experience of prejudice, the lyrics are a disempowerment of religious narrative surrounding sexual preference that has gaslighted generations of LGBTQ+ people: “It’s all a control tactic. Choosing to dance with the ‘Devil’ is choosing freedom and liberation over chains and turmoil” says Best.

This isn’t just good music, it’s important music that needs to be heard – a voice for those with shared experience and a reference point for those without – so go listen. With the revival of live music tantalisingly close, add Dead Method to your list of must-sees.

“Dance with the Devil” is out now via Rose Parade Recording Co.:

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