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Twin Stranger "Early Dreamer" Single Review - Review Parade - 3rd May 2021

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

With ample old-school indie guitar vibes, Twin Stranger’s “Early Dreamer” is a gently jangling, power pop contemplation, somewhat unassuming whilst subtly anthemic.

From the softly chugging intro, through the chorus’ twanging fall and rise, to the synth shimmer of the outro, “Early Dreamer” is an intriguing listen, curiously familiar yet tricky to pin down. While I can’t hear everything claimed as an influence (e.g. psychedelic rock, Big Star), it is steeped in the alternative power pop sound channelled through REM into bands like Pavement and Idlewild, with a pinch of indie shoegaze (with reverb turned down but mopishness retained). As a sound that hasn’t had centre stage for some time, it feels refreshing to return to it, a sentiment perhaps weaved into the song’s lyrical patchwork recounting the joy of simple pleasures after the day-to-day rituals of reaching for the top.

The production is simple, effective and natural. The single central vocal line carries a softness akin to Nick Drake or British Sea Power, evolving into a slurred and straining indie drawl. While a few harmonies wouldn’t be unwelcome, it works well. Carried by the subtle guitar chime and the solid purpose-serving rhythm section, the track ultimately shines for its song writing – there is a sense of resolution satisfyingly suspended until the closing cadence and admission from frontman Alex McConnachie: “I was wrong all along”.

This track should set twitching the ears of fans of the post-punk influenced guitar bands that fuelled 90s alternative pop rock and beyond, whilst also appealing to the more modern indie taste. However, this could be an easy one to overlook as it’s perhaps ahead of the curve (intentionally or otherwise), with current retro trends firmly set in 80s synth pop. Trends aside, it is a great track, which is exactly why you should listen to it.

“Early Dreamer” is out now via Rose Parade Recording Co. / Twitter / Facebook / Instagram

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