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Kylo Voss "Mind, Body and Soul" Single Review - 23rd November 2021

Mind, Body and Soul, the new single by Llanelli-based songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Kylo Voss, is an honest and relatable contemplation of mental, physical and spiritual health, delivered through developing layers of organic and electronic sounds.

A song about being honest with oneself – acknowledging self-destructive behaviours and identifying barriers to recovery – Mind, Body and Soul possesses an intelligent interaction between the real and the synthetic, balanced to form a coherent and aptly human experience. This is perhaps most apparent in the pull between Voss’ natural voice and a tastefully deliberate auto-tune throughout the track. From a gently undulating electric organ, the track seamlessly evolves through enveloping synths, choral vocals harmonies and electronic beats (that might not sound out of place on an Arcane Roots track), grooving bass that brings early Aqualung to mind, acoustic drums that sound almost unreal amidst the electronic and a disorienting break section akin to a Grandaddy interlude (minus the slacker rock). As the vocals gradually focus from a hushed waver to a confident yet pained crescendo, they give way to a soulful saxophone solo reminiscent of late-night 90s chillout, like a sense of realisation that had been brewing beneath the carefully crafted yet natural blend of textures – the solidification of an idea captured within a 4-minute smouldering slow burn.

The song is the first in a thematic series of singles across which Voss plans to explore a gritty electropop sound, evoking the energy of Pendulum, tonality of Muse and synthpop sensibility of Nik Kershaw. Voss says: “The process of writing my upcoming collection of songs helped me to understand what thoughts, feelings, behaviours and urges were helpful and which ones were so toxic that they were actually destroying my entire being, hurting so many of my closest friends and family. Mind, Body and Soul is the Mission Statement, the Eureka moment, where I consciously chose to fight with all I have to discover the way to wellness.

Mind, Body and Soul is a testimony to Voss’ talent as a songwriter and producer. Being also a classically trained multi-instrumentalist and experienced recording/touring rock musician (the original drummer for Trampolene), this emerging electropop artist possesses a genre-embracing intuitiveness that deserves attention. I eagerly await the next instalment...

“Mind, Body and Soul” is out now on the Antecedent label.

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