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Sŵnami "Be Bynnag Fydd" Single Review

The award-winning Sŵnami return with an inspired indie-dream-pop introspective that converges on a resonant realisation of self-acceptance and identity.

From soft synth textures and chirruping electronics, like new life emerging between hope and doubt, “Be Bynnag Fydd” evolves through dreamy vocal layers, understated guitar melodies, an uplifting drop-in of acoustic drums and the fanfare of quietly triumphant trumpets. The slick sonic signatures of Sŵnami’s sound never cease to be fresh and exciting, while the fluent vocal melodies recall Coldplay’s “Viva la Vida”. There is also the joy of hearing the Welsh language being platformed in such a polished, mainstream context.

However, what elevates “Be Bynnag Fydd” is how narrative is woven through the lyrics, arrangement and accompanying video. The band’s Gruff Jones explains “’Be Bynnag Fydd’ documents a journey to accepting my gender-fluid identity. It’s been a struggle at times. I’ve felt so desperate to fit in, I found it so hard to open up. But now, I’m happier embracing my nonconformity. I don’t have to hide who I am anymore.

While the verses relay Jones’ doubts and fears, a sense of realisation is conveyed as singer Ivan Davies’ simple appeal (“Can I explain? Will you listen?”) is gradually replaced by a receptive response from longstanding collaborator Thallo (“What ever is, what ever will be, you don’t need to hide from the world”) that is ultimately handed back to Davies for the song’s inspired conclusion. The video, featuring Linford Hydes of the Welsh Ballroom Community, beautifully parallels the journey from isolation and burden to self-acceptance and celebration.

While personal, “Be Bynnag Fydd” is also open, accessible and relatable for others to reflect and rationalise their own experience. Commendable in both music and meaning, I’ve previously applauded Sŵnami’s intuitive songcraft. While factually accurate, I feel that “indie-pop” stops short of fully capturing what they are about.

“Be Bynnag Fydd” out now on Recordiau Côsh Records:

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