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George Sidiropoulos - Beyond Reach

With a stripped-down live performance of the brooding introspective Beyond Reach, Cypriot songwriter George Sidiropoulos draws you in with subtle jazz and blues tones, gentle nasal crooning and an intelligently restrained delivery.


George Sidiropoulos not only has something to say – he knows how to say it. This talent is amply clear from this skillfully restrained live performance of Beyond Reach, a broody introspective steeped in jazz- and blues-folk, enhanced by Warehouse Diaries’ intimate single-camera work.

With something of a jazz or blues standard about it, this song keeps you gently hooked throughout. The stripped-down arrangement lets subtleties and flourishes gently emerge without ever competing for space or attention. George’s controlled nasal croon and rhythmic finger-picked jazz guitar against a chill-out Wurlitzer accompaniment (courtesy of Marios Takoushis) are the perfect combination for creating the late-night backdrop to this story: a personal account of an intrigue that wasn’t what it seemed, being unable to see reason and reality, being out of reach. The song moves gently yet purposefully – moody, deep and reflective. George is looking back at the ocean he was once drawn into. You can’t help but be drawn in too.

The session rightly puts George’s songwriting and vocal talents at centre stage. There are depths of appeal here for fans of both classic jazz- and blues-influenced songwriters like Van Morrison or Jeff Buckley and modern artists like Amy Winehouse, Adele or Paulo Nutini. This is a true talent that deserves your attention.

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