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FoxSleep is the one-man-band of Swansea-based musician/songwriter/recordist Jason Morgan. FoxSleep has recorded and released 3 DIY EPs since early 2019, somewhere at the intersection of alternative rock, indie-folk and jazz.

EP#03 was released in March 2020, to favorable review:

"EP#03 is a memorable trifecta of well written and interestingly arranged compositions that skirt that perfect balance between musical ambition and the needs of the song."

SoundBoard Magazine

"Odd minor chords... attention grabbing... effective and catchy... jazzy influences... Go check out FoxSleep now."



FoxSleep performs live as a solo act with voice and a guitar.

Check out FoxSleep's recent interview with Taking The Mic.

  • Twitter - Black Circle
  • Bandcamp
  • Spotify
  • SoundCloud

FOXSLEEP: EP#03 out now!

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